About Me

I am a fan fiction writer in transition to becoming a published author. My writing career started with the Smallville fandom in 2007 and progressed to the Klaroline ship from The Vampire Diaries and now I am working on publishing my first book.

My obsession with romance started with my mother introducing me to the works of Barbara Cartland. They followed the same pattern of young innocent attracting a hardened rake dead set against love who succumbs eventually with a G rated kiss amidst a historical background.  While I have outgrown this type of romance in favor of something steamier and more complex I have to give Dame Barbara credit for getting me hooked.  Ever since, I have voraciously devoured romances of all types.

From my earliest days, I have had a passion for the villainous characters in literature, television and film. I either want to redeem them or revel in their darkness.  There is something about the bad boy, the vampire or the villain who finds their heart after meeting the heroine that turns me to mush.  This has led me to explore reading and now writing romance with a touch of darkness.

When I am not working on my craft or scribbling about my fantasy worlds you can find me either buried in a book or glued to a television show.